June 17th, 2003

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Happy belated father's day to all the dads out there!

I meant to update last night, but I was way too tired to even try and think. In the morning, we all went out for breakfast at the Chuck Wagon Inn just down the street. Yum! Had a huge breakfast, and managed *not* to spike my blood sugar...yay me! For the most part Pooh was good, though a little odd and mopey. She even managed a little eye rolling at me when I corrected her on something. This of course, didn't sit well with me. But, it got worked out.
After breakfast, we went over to Koram Dancer's house so Fenris could work on the computer some. I got to see her kitties :) Awwww! Kyros and David took Pooh shopping for awhile while we went over, but they joined us later. It was really nice to see her collection of dragons, horses and cats....and to sit and just chit chat a bit :) Turns out that Fenris has to do some 'finessing' with the hard-drive. Eh well.
A little bit later, we left to go to the volunteer appreciation picnic down at the zoo. It was really nice that the Spot put on a family thing, and I was glad to see other kids there. Water fights ensued, of course ;) It was nice to see Pooh cheer up too when she played with the other girls. The pizza was good, as was the conversations. Unfortunately, we had to leave because we had other errands to run...but it was a good way to spend a couple hours in the afternoon. Stopped by mom's for a little bit then took Pooh home.

Today was fairly uneventful as things go. Mikey came over, and they geeked on EQ stuff. Fenris was going to go get the motorcycle from the trailer, but apparently found that the neighbor had decided to take it apart and work on it. No biggie, saves the hassle of moving it and deciding its final destiny. When they came back, they said that they'd gone to Circuit City and bought a cd - rw for a friend.
After more EQ geeking, we decided to run a couple errands. One of which actually got done, heh. We went to Comp USA - got him a new computer (yay, no more EQ bitching :P ) and some new speakers for me. *does a happy dance* I love them! What wonderful sound! *purrrrr*
We also visited a new ice cream place. Let me tell you.....dreamy! Yuuummmmmmm. And it didn't spike my blood sugar too much - I stayed below the 140 limit. The place is called Coldstone Creamery. I'll give the link so ya'll can check it out. Ice cream made fresh daily....all sorts of flavors. They even have cake batter ice cream....that tastes just like cake batter! When you order, you can pick a base flavor of ice cream (and there are quite a few to choose from), and they'll take a couple *large* scoops and place it on a frozen granite slab. You can create your own thing by selecting from the various 'fillers' - they have candy, fruit, pie crust, syrup, homemade whip cream and various other things. They mix these all in by hand, with you watching. They have some that are created by them so you can select one of those too. I had sweet cream ice cream, with bananas, pie crust and whipped topping all mixed in. Tasted like a banana cream pie! YUM! Its definately replacing B&R! Its a little expensive, but well worth the price. Oh yeah.....<a href="http://coldstonedreamery.com>Visit here for more info</a>
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