June 19th, 2003

devil girl

A day of relaxing

I'm rather proud of myself, actually. I have, of my own will, stayed off the computer today. Except for right now, of course. I've spent the day napping on the couch and reading. I even got a hot bath and shower in there to help with relaxing, and now I feel incredibly refreshed.
I've been spending too much time on the machine, I think. It is becoming an addiction - I sit all day on here and play my roleplay games. I complain about a lack of motivation, but I'm starting to realize that the computer only helps with that. Certainly, part of it has been the pregnancy and the heat, but if I'm really honest with myself, its the computer too. I'm making a bargain with myself tonight, one that I hope I can live up to. I'm not getting on the computer until I get things done. If I set little goals for myself on a daily basis - I should be able to do accomplish this. I don't have to have the house clean in one fell swoop after all, but if I can get some small stuff done, maybe it'll motivate me to do some more.
Tonight my goal is to put away the clean clothes and get another load of laundry ready for tomorrow. That's it. Perhaps I'll even be inspired to pick up the living room some, but I won't force it. My hip has been hurting for the last couple days, and quite frankly, its been nice to be off it most of the day today. I'll probably get to my task after dinner, then maybe crawl into bed and read some more.
Tomorrow, my goal is to get the living room picked up. I have 2 boxes out there that are in the way. I need to figure out what to do with the items in them, and put stuff away or set it aside to go in the attic or be given away. That shouldn't be difficult, considering I already know more or less what's in them. My other goal is to get 2 loads of laundry done (as they will be ready to do) and put away. I'll see how I feel about vacuuming and steam cleaning when that's all done. I want to do so many things, but I have to keep from over-exerting myself as well.
I'll decide what Saturday's goals will be tomorrow. We'll have a pretty full day, so I may just let housework go for the weekend. Pooh will be moving in with us, and we have a variety of evening plans available to us. Sunday, we have people over for gaming. That will pretty much take up that day I think. Monday I can get back to the house.
I'm glad I took a break from the computer to relax and refresh myself. Though my hip still hurts, I think the hot bath did it some good. I did a little cleansing ritual while in the shower, and feel more relaxed. I'm also burning Nag Champa, which always makes me feel clean and new. My computer is acting up, so if I get online, I have to use his. Its not a big deal, but it is an excuse to stay offline for a little bit ;) I may get on and roleplay for a bit later, but I'm kinda thinking I won't. For now, I'm going to go eat dinner and accomplish my goal.
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