July 16th, 2003

devil girl

Home Again

I was released from the hospital yesterday. The baby lost more weight than they wanted, but they still let him come home. I'm so happy about that. Today we went to the doctor though, to get him weighed and such. But, one day at a time here :)
It was nice sleeping in my own bed last night. We had the baby in with us, as there's no crib yet. Hopefully soon we'll have one from a friend. It was sooo sweet, laying there in the bed with the lamp on. Garrett just kept staring at me, a little tiny baby smile. My heart melted. Yeah, labor was a bitch and a half...and not something I'd wish on my worst enemy (Yes, I'll post all that later) but it was *SO* worth it. We even managed to get some sleep last night.
After being home for only a couple hours, we went to a friend's house where the baby was blessed by a few people. It was so nice, I was crying. Damn out of whack hormones anyway *smirk* The blessings were really, really nice. He slept through the workings, which made me happy. He'd been fussy pretty much all day, and I worried about him being an interuption.
It was so nice waking up with Garrett curled up to me this morning. No matter how hard I try not to be, I'm still the nervous, half paranoid new mom. While Fenris was burping him, he lost his cord. We'll put it away somewhere for his baby scrapbook - I'm sure he'll love that when he's older. LOL. We also took a trip down to the hospital to turn in and notarize the paternity afadavit. After that was done, we went to Garrett's doctor appointment The hospital was concerned about his weight loss - it was 11% of his birth weight, and its only 'supposed' to be 10%. When the doctor weighed him, he was at 6 lbs some ounces (don't remember the ounces), he's lost almost a pound. The doctor didn't seem overly concerned about it, but does want to see his weight increase. Other than the weight, he's a healthy little boy. We have an appointment for tomorrow to get him weighed again. The doctor wants us to feed him every 2 hours, and he should be eating 15-20 ml of formula or breast milk. He's been doing good on the last 3 feedings. I'm only supposed to breast feed him for 5 minutes or so before he goes on the bottle.
My milk hasn't come yet, so all Garrett is getting is the colostrum (I have no idea how to spell that). Its frustrating for him to try and feed when he's not getting anything. I worry that he won't breastfeed at all if we have to continue giving him formula through a bottle. Fenris seems to think it'll work out fine, and he'll feed once my milk comes. We bought a breast pump this afternoon - hopefully that will help. Sometimes, I think its just the paranoid new mother thing ....but, the feeding is our bonding time, and the idea of not being able to do that bothers me. I want to have a good, solid bond with my son....
devil girl

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Oh, yeah...Kyros made a page for the baby :) So, if you all wanna see pics go here

And, Garrett has a very special gift from Pan as well. Its a teddy bear that she helped Kyros make for him. The bear has a recording of Pan saying "I love you Garrett". Its *so* adorable. I'll get a pic of it sometime I think. They even gave it a birth certificate. The bear's name is Garrett Jr. The certificate will be framed and placed on a wall :) She's a good big sister!