July 18th, 2003

devil girl

How...fitting :P

YOU are neutral.
The fairy, sprite, elf. You get the point, little
creature with wings of some sort. You fly
around, or sneak about playing jokes on
everyone. You're fairly neutral to the story,
and everyone else thinks the things you do are
kinda mean, but you are in the story for a
reason, and regardless of what that might be, i
think your hilarious. so keep it up.

what fairy tale role do you play? (this time with pictures)
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devil girl

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You are very open to new things, and you always let
your emotions show. You tend to exaggerate a
little bit though, but most people are used to
that part of your personality. You may find the
sun and moon people a bit eccentric, but since
you are open you have no objections to this.
Don't be too open though. If something seems
like a bad idea, your intuition is probably
right. Sometimes you convince yourself to go
with your original thoughts. That is not a good
idea. Sometimes you feel a little left out of
situations, and sometimes you tend to leave out
the moon. Don't do this, for this could cause a

Moon, Sun, or Sky?
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devil girl

Baby doctors and other stuffs

So, Wednesday, we took Garrett into the doctor's again. This time, he's gained weight. Yay! He's eating healthier proportions of the formula, thankfully. I was a little worried there, but I guess I don't really have to be. The rest of the day was spent running around...I don't even fully remember what we did. We've been pretty much on the go since I got released from the hospital.
Today, Garrett and I slept most of the day. Fenris said that he left to go do a couple errands, and just let us sleep. It was kinda nice to just curl up with the baby all day...I woke up about 2:30ish and layed with him while I watched tv. By that time, Fenris was already gone. Pan was watching tv in the living room.
When Fenris came home, he brought teriyaki with him. YUM! I still have some in the fridge - lunch for tomorrow. We hurried and got ourselves ready to go (again). This time, to pick up a crib from a friend. We ran a little late - Bryan called and so I talked to him for a few before leaving. We went to pick up Calista, and dropped Pan off to play with Amber. Its a good thing we did so - we ended up having to leave Calista at our friend's with the baby so we could bring the crib home. (btw, Thanks David for loaning us the truck!)
It was a little nerve-wracking to leave the baby for the first time, but not as bad as I thought. I actually didn't freak out or panic. Yay me. Granted, we didn't leave him all that long, but that's beside the point.
Garrett hadn't had a poopie diaper since Wednesday, and I was beginning to get worried. Calista suggested some mineral oil in water for him. While we were gone, she fed him some sugar water (just a little tiny bit of sugar - and we'd run out of formula for him and hadn't stopped by the store just yet) and he pooped. Whew! Since then, he's had a few. Making up for lost time I guess. He's eating more too - he had 3 oz of the water, and within an hour of that about 20 ml of formula and some breast milk.
Yes, my milk has dropped, I think. I'm not sure how much he gets when he tries to feed though. He's not latching on real well, though he's trying. I'm not stressing out as much about breast feeding him either - which is probably helping. He keeps trying. I think I'm getting to the point that if I have to feed him breast milk by bottle, I'm okay with it. My main concern with the breast feeding, other than nutrition, was building a bond between us. I'm realizing that there are other ways to do that, and if I can pump enough milk to fill a bottle, the nutrition worry is met.
I'm pretty sure we have a bond. Calista says she sees it..but, being a new mom, I think that its in my mind that it has to be proven. Faulty logic, I know..but, its me. I think I just got my proof a few minutes ago though....I'd put him down for bed (still in our bed, the crib will be set up tomorrow), and came down to use Kyros' puter (Thanks!). Apparently, Garrett has been fussy since I came down here. Fenris changed his diaper and such, then brought him down. When Fenris gave him over to me, he quieted down and took his binkie. I've since put him back to bed...but it made me feel so good that he quieted. Yeah, I know, he won't always....and he usually quiets for Fenris, but I'll enjoy my moments as I have them. :)
I'm hoping too, that he'll form a strong bond with both Pan and Fenris. I think he will though, he does know who daddy is, and does react to him. He's a bit slower with Pan, but I'm sure that will come with a little time. She wants to help in so many ways...and tonight, when she went to bed, she went and kissed him goodnight without being told. It was sooo sweet - especially given that she told me yesterday she wasn't really comfortable kissing him. It warms my heart :)