July 19th, 2003

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Finally! Done for the day. Yay! We got quite a bit accomplished, I think. There's still more to do, but it can wait for now.
Poor Fenris did most of it, as I'm still fairly limited on what I can and can't do *grumble*. I started laundry, but the machine is too deep, so Fenris ended up taking that over, though I folded. There's a couple more loads in, and I'll probably fold those tomorrow or Sunday. Ech..even Monday with the way things are going. Fenris also cleaned out the baby's room, and managed to get most of the boxes in the attic. The living room is still cluttered with some boxes, but that will be taken care of shortly.
I called the diaper service this morning, and the first delivery will be on Wednesday. I also called the clinic, to talk to them about the baby's birth. Crap...well, I called WIC anyway, I just realized I forgot to call the insurance lady back. I'll have to do that on Monday. Or I could let them know on my next appointment, which I've already forgotten the date for. I hope Fenris remembers. *sigh*
Fenris also went to the store and cooked dinner. I cleaned the kitchen some, but now we've dirtied it again...heh. My goal is to have the house clean next week, since we're both home. If we work on it a little each day, then it shouldn't be so bad. I hope.
We put Garrett to bed in the crib tonight, but it was harder to get him to sleep. I think he's so used to being in our bed, surrounded by our smell. Both Fenris and I put a shirt in his bed next to him, and he seemed to calm down a little. I haven't heard him fuss too much over the intercom. Yay! It'll be nice to have the bed all to ourselves again. Though, I did warn Fenris that I might have him in bed with us in the mornings...I love cuddling up to the baby :)
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Writing assignment

I have been slacking on the writing assignments, part of that is sheer laziness and part is just life being hectic at the moment. I think I'll take time to answer this one though - and perhaps even put a bit of thought into it..though, given its 3 am, it may be a bit scattered :)

Today's - technically yesterday's - writing assignment from Uberdaddybear:

"Explain what the LiveJournal experience means to you."

I've always wanted to keep a journal, but have never been very good at keeping a handwritten one. Its a way to preserve my own history, but when I hand write it, it just sounds so...well, dull. It always seemed that something was really lacking. About 2 years ago now, someone directed me to my first online journal, diaryland. I found that I kept the journal better there than I had just handwriting one. From there, I found live journal and have been addicted ever since.
For me, the journal is a way to preserve my own history. Something to pass on to my kids possibly, a legacy of sorts. Its not very exciting, but its my life. Sometimes, its a way to record what I think and feel, and get feed back on it. I try to remain as open and honest as possible in the things I write, though I do find that I sometimes censor things for convenience. I find that I don't like drama, so tend to avoid it when I can.
At first, it was a way to force myself to open up, to share myself with others. I had gotten to used to just living inside my own mind, that people sometimes didn't even really see me. Hell, I can honestly say that I probably didn't know who I was anymore. I'm not sure that I have a clearer persepctive on that, but at least now I can go back and see where I've been. This journal allows me to see how I've grown. Other times this journal is a way to express frustrations and rant - though I don't have much to rant about now that I'm not working ;)
Basically, I use this forum to record various aspects of my life - from what I do with my time, to what I feel or think. Sometimes its nothing more than a list of what I've done during the day. I have another journal that I keep for my writing, and I try to visit there whenever the muse visits me. That too, was a way to force myself to share a bit of my life with others.
So far, my experience with the journal has been positive. I've avoided drama for the most part, and it seems that those who enjoy reading about my life have positive feed back for me. I greatly appreciate that. I do try to work on myself on a regular basis, always attempting to improve myself...and sometimes it doesn't seem like I get far. But, then I can always look back and see where I was this time last year :)
Live journal to me is a community of sharing.
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(no subject)

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(no subject)

So, later today we're going over to Calista's. She usually has a game night on Saturdays, and a whole bunch of friends that I need to do better at keeping in touch with are there. We can take Pan and Garrett over as well, which is nice. Pan gets along with her daughter very well, and I think Pan likes going over. Yay!
Well, today we're going over earlier than the rest. She's going to go with me to Michael's so I can pick out some pattern books and various other supplies. She's going to teach me beading! Yay! I've seen some of the work she's done and its excellent! I'll be beading patterns onto a canvas type material. I'm excited about learning this. It may be another craft project thing that I don't take the time to do...but, still...and if its not, all the better.
We're also having a potluck dinner. Calista will be making spaghetti, and we'll be bringing the bread and some of those marangue cookies (thanks Orion, for starting a new addiction!). There will be salad and other tidbits brought by others. I'm looking forward to the afternoon and evening...now, if only I could get some sleep....
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