July 23rd, 2003

devil girl

I have my puter back!

Yay me! I'm getting all the essentials downloaded now...you know, lj client, email, mirc. The other hard drive wasn't saveable I guess, the information was encoded or some such....anyway, I'm just glad to have my own computer back at this point.
The public health nurse came by yesterday to weigh Garrett. Apparently he hasn't gained any weight since his last doctor's visit, which is amazing to me considering he eats about a 9 oz bottle a day or more. She said not to let him sleep for more than 5 hours, and to feed him every 2-3 hours *sigh* Of course, I'm not supposed to overdo it either...which translates to 'plenty of rest'. Sure...I'm supposed to get this rest...when exactly?
She called the UW doctor to report the weight to him, and called me back today. I have a WIC appointment tomorrow, and she's telling me now to write down for a period of 24 hours every time he eats and how much he eats. *sigh* Do other mothers have to go through all this too or am I just the lucky one?
devil girl

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A quote from RabidAngel upon finding out: yeah right...and if Glen Close tried to put you in the pot, you'd turn into banicula and bite her jugular out! lol

I love that *grin*