August 15th, 2003

devil girl

Chakra work....

Root: under-active (-50%)
Sacral: open (6%)
Navel: under-active (-13%)
Heart: under-active (0%)
Throat: open (44%)
Third Eye: under-active (-25%)
Crown: open (38%)
devil girl

(no subject)

Woo! Have the house clean for dad's arrival tonight. All that's left now is the car...which I will be doing soon. Fortunately he only has a carry on, so I should be able to just get away with cleaning the front. I'm excited about his visit..its been about a year since I've seen him last. It'll be nice for him to see the baby too :) Mom should be on her way out here to watch the kids while I go get dad from the airport. I feel...clean and accomplished.
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