August 31st, 2003

devil girl

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Just got back from Lista's not too long ago. Which reminds me, I need to send her a link to LJ so she can catch up with stuffs and mutual friends/aquaintances. Discovered that she's half sister to someone who's journal I read....heh. The things you learn :P
Had a bit of drama with one of our friends over something pretty simple...but, hey. Lista has requested that we come over everyother weekend instead of every weekend, so that she can have her other friends over. Its not that we don't get along, its a space issue. I can understand that...I think I'd be the same if I lived in her place. Only so many folks ya can fit :)
Pan went with her grandma this weekend again, so Amber didn't have anyone to play with this time. Next time we go I think we'll be able to bring her with us. Next weekend she's going with my mom to the ranch.
Discovered poor Garrett has a rash...we think its from the heat. I have to find that ointment that I'd been given from Mama Reagan at the Faire. Poor little guy, he was screaming because it bothered him. He's calm now though...but, then its cooled down some too.
I have to be up tomorrow to clean house. Mike and Jamie are coming up to see the baby, and I'd really rather they not see the house in the state its in. I have projects in mind that I want to do, but never seem to get around to them. I get sucked into the computer instead. Bad me. There's not a lot to do, fortunately. Its mostly picking up things...should only take an hour or so if I just do it. I have to fix the books that the cats were kind enough to knock all over my living room floor. *sigh* And then I have to pick up some of the baby stuff and clean the bathroom a, all in all, not much to do.