October 14th, 2003

devil girl

Lots done today...

There's something just so satisfying about having a hot cup of cocoa with mini marshmallows in it ;) Its a nice wind-down to a long day, indeed. We got up early this morning to head down to DSHS. We had originally thought to apply for cash assistance, but then during the orientation discovered that I would have to do the work first program too. The only people exempt from it are those in their last trimester of pregnancy and with infants under 3 months. Garrett is 3 months. Child care is primarily up to us, though they will help. Work first is basically your job, period. You're there when DSHS says you are, you're allowed 4 excused absenses in 3 months and no unexcused absenses (no call/no show). I understand why they do this, and don't really have much of an issue with it. They pay you, it should be like a job. But, I have an issue with the child care. Its difficult to find a daycare that will take children under 6 months, and when you do, its like paying rent on another house. Not only that, but I don't think his immune system is really developed enough to handle that much exposure to other kids and germs and such. Not that I'm paranoid about it, he goes out and about like a normal kid (no medical masks or anything! ;) ) but, still. Perhaps I'm wrong on the development thing, I haven't looked into it specifically....but, I'm not ready to put him in daycare yet. Financially, its really not feasible for us to do that either, unless we get like a really good deal from the state. Thus, we decided on food and medical for the family. We now have sufficient help with food. It feels nice to contribute to the household again. We went grocery shopping today, and now we have food in the house! Yay! I know its not a lot, but at least its something. Everyone is on medical now too, so that helps. We decided to use WorkSource (which is through unemployment) and other sources for another month before reapplying for cash. We may not even do it then, just depends on what's what. On that note, Fenris may have a job lead coming soon. We should know more tomorrow...I'm hoping he gets it. It would be nice to have an income again. We shall see tomorrow! After grocery shopping and all, we came home and rearranged the living room. The tv is now in front of the window, which I'm told is a heat sink anyway, so its better to have it there. We'll put up a blanket over it probably tomorrow. The couch is on the opposite wall, and the recliner has essentially just been turned around and angled a bit. I'm quite pleased with the results (Thanks Kyros for the ideas!) and it makes the space feel more homey. Not smaller, just cozier. We also lowered the tv from the top shelf of the center to the middle one...much easier viewing ;) Even managed to get the place vacuumed. The cats were happy as we discovered several fuzzy mice toys under the sofa, so now they can play again. Heh. Now all that's left for me to do is clean up some stuff (as things got shifted and piled) and clean out that corner with the litter box. They all hang out on the back porch area, so fortunately, I think that corner's been more or less forgotten. I need to febreeze it and things to get rid of the smell. Damn cats. Found out, we will probably be able to go to the party on Saturday after all! Yay! I'm happy about that...it'll be a nice getaway. Mom will be watching both children. All in all, its been a long exhausting but good day. Things are looking up indeed.
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