March 22nd, 2004

devil girl

(no subject)

Life takes some interesting turns sometimes. I'm exploring things I never actually saw myself doing. I'll update more on that when I'm not at work. Suffice it to say, my views are changing....primarily my views on myself and my life.
I've been in a funk for some time. I felt like I wasn't interesting to anyone, all I ever did was stay home with the baby after all. I'm well aware not everyone wants 2 hour stories on my son, or my cats...but, when that's what you have to talk about *shrug* I'm starting to realize that I -do- have more to offer, and that I can be interesting...even if my main topics are my kids and cats ;)
Mom said that my uncle has a lump in his throat. The doctors have said that he has on thyroid that's not functioning, and its a good probability that it could be cancerous. Fortunately, they've cought it in time and they believe its isolated and therefore, treatable.
Grandma seems to be doing okay, and getting around in her wheel chair...when she uses it. This weekend she was walking around on her cane...I'll have to ask mom if that's allowable.
More later.