March 23rd, 2004

devil girl

Ho hum

Okay, so I have 2 'projects' I need to do. Unfortunately, they require bits of info that my boss has....and he's in a meeting. I've finished all my daily work, so now I'm attempting to look busy. I'm not sure its working...but, I guess looking at my computer and typing is a lot better than sitting here staring at a wall? I hate this part of the job.... *grumble*
devil girl

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Your guardian animal is a Unicorn! Unicorns
represent purity and innocence. Their blood
can sustain life, even for those on the brink
of death, but the penalty for slaying a unicorn
or drinking its blood is to have a cursed life
for the rest of your existence. Unicorns are
fiercely loyal and make excellent companions
and friends. Generally they shun humans but
once a bond of friendship exists then a unicorn
will fight to the death to protect their human
companion. Unicorns are pacifistic, but once
aroused can use its horn as a highly effective
and deadly weapon.

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