April 12th, 2004

devil girl

Easter Weekend

Was great! It was gorgeous out. Perfect for a day at the zoo. In the morning, they had activities for the kids....including ones Garrett's age. So, we went to mom's house, then packed everyone off to the zoo.
They had an easter egg 'hunt' for 2 and under that we took Garrett to. He was adorable! Mom gave him two plastic eggs to play with and he kept banging them together. I think we have pictures of that - which I'll figure out how to post sometime soon, I think. He played like that for a good hour or so, content to bang his eggs and watch the other kids run around. Pan got to help Cheryl toss eggs out...we had to tell her to throw them gently. Silly girl was pitchin' 'em like baseballs! It was kind of funny to watch, actually :)
We took her around to do some crafts, but she didn't get to do her easter egg hunt because the line was too long. We bought her a treat instead..and mom said that she had a basket with candy for her at home, so it was all good. After that, we spent the day walking around the zoo. Got to see some of the exhibits I haven't seen in a long time.
Mom has a pass now, with my name on it. Hopefully we'll get to the zoo more often...it was nice to just sorta meander around and not have to worry about what we saw. Pan got to go to the farm where they had animals out for petting....Garrett was asleep in his stroller, so he didn't get to pet any, but maybe next time :)
After the zoo, we took Garrett back to mom's. Poor little guy was all worn out, he'd just had a short nap in the afternoon. But, he insisted on playing on the floor...heh. We took Pan to her other grandma's and dropped her off, then stopped by home.
We went to a sex party in the evening. I found a place to be stationary most of the evening and socialize...and it felt great :) Some concerns have been worked out to the satifisfaction of all or most, I think, and that was a good feeling. The party was small and quiet, but very enjoyable. I got to spend quite a bit of the evening with the female half of a couple we've been hanging around a lot lately, and that was quite pleasant :) I really enjoy her company. We talk more online than her husband and I do, lol. I even managed to get a decent amount of sleep that night (Or was it morning?) which is sometimes hard to manage, considering.
Yesterday I spent the afternoon dozing on the couch as William had taken the kids out...it was just me and D :) Just me for awhile, D tried to go see a friend, but that didn't work out. But, it was nice having the peace and stretching out on the sofa.
Mom still has Garrett, so I get to buzz by home tonight, get the carseat and maybe the fiance, and head down to mom's. Yay.
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