May 17th, 2004

devil girl

Its a Monday...

Went to take Pan to school....discovered the stereo no longer in the Saturn. Yep, that's right...some jerk stole it. Took apart the dashboard, but left that in the car. Even left the face plate to the stereo. Gee, thanks. Fortunately, they left the cd wallet and all but the cd actually in the stereo. I guess this is a good excuse to get those copied so we don't loose the originals. *sigh*
Oh, yeah, and my car wasn't the only one in our driveway hit. The Daewoo and Spex's car were left alone...blinking red lights weren't worth the effort, I guess. But, Joy's car was broken into...her purse taken, and her car keys. Lovely.
The police have been and gone. Not much they can do, naturally...just make the paper trail. D and Joy filled out the appropriate pieces. The cops were nice though, that's a good thing. They did take a look at the car, ask a few questions, etc...which is more than some get in a similar situation.
Yep...its a Monday.
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devil girl

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gi joe
You're GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip!! You're
strong, tough, and know how to kick some ass.
Don't forget though, no matter how manly you
think you are, you're still just a doll. God
Bless America.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
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*blinks* Manly??? Okay, okay....I'll admit...I'd use my kung fu grip on those stereo-stealing jerks....

The Green Lantern (John Stewart). You have a
no-nonsense approach that sometimes makes you
seem a little gruff. Beneath that drill
sergeant exterior beats the heart of a warrior.
But within that heart is someone who really
likes ice cream.

Which Justice League character are you?
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Chocolate chip cookie dough please *grin*