July 12th, 2004

devil girl

Weekend recovery....

It was a very busy but enjoyable weekend. I think I'll do a couple posts on it...today was spent napping and recovering. That is, when Garrett would let me..haha.
I've rediscovered what living with grandma is like. Only now she's more like a child...but without the logic of one. *groan* I swear the woman needs a hearing aid, but heaven forbid she go in and get it checked. I understand mom's frustrations now, even more so than before.
On another note, we're having issues with the Saturn again. This time its something with the transmission. Peachy. It may be an 'easy' fix, which I'm hoping it is. D was gonna work on it a bit today, but ended up sleeping too late. I let him sleep because he's been on the go all weekend too, and figured he needed it.