July 20th, 2004

devil girl

General update

Its occured to me that once again, I've let my journal lapse some. I'm going to try to be more up to date on things than I have been lately, but more often than not, I just don't feel I have much to say. I can list what I've done during my day, but that's easy. It consists of taking care of Garrett and the house.
The last couple weeks have been busy, and I've been relatively social. I'll update on some of the events seperately, I think, in an attempt to keep this from being super long.
The first thing I should update on is the fact that we're moving. I think I've eluded to it in past posts, but I'm not sure I've ever outright said it. For the moment, we'll be living with mom and grandma..so, I have some added duties to my day. I help with the house, and with grandma...mom still helps me with Garrett. Grandma drives me a little crazy sometimes, but its alright.
Yesterday, we went up to Spex's to pack some stuff. He needs us out by the end of the month so another friend can use the room. So, next Sunday, D plans on getting a truck and just moving the stuff out. Most of it is packed, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I just need to keep track of where its going..grandma's or storage. We have to rent a bigger unit, I think, and one closer to grandma's. Eventually, we'll be moving storage as well. Ugh. Lots of moving.
I won't be there to help him though - I'll be over in Eastern Washington at a family reunion. Not that I'd be a lot of help anyways..only so much I can do, really.
On that note, I should also say that its finally been confirmed by a doctor - I am once again pregnant. I'm about 20 weeks along. I go in for an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon to verify my due date. I went in last week for my first OB appointment, and things seem to be on track. They took blood for some tests and gave me the glucose test. I haven't heard back from them yet on that, so I'll call tomorrow. Hopefully I don't have diabetes again, but I'm more or less expecting it. Grrr.
I can say though, that so far this pregnancy is a lot smoother than the last. I have no hypertension so far...which is good. I should have results on the diabetes soon, and I don't think I have a kidney infection this time around. Hopefully, it'll continue to be smoother.
I'm considering making a journal just about the kids so that family can keep up, if they choose. Well, mainly my dad since he's in Kansas...but with that comes the possible discovery of this journal, and I'm not sure I want that. Still, it would be nice for him to check on his grandson every now and again when he wants.
devil girl


This is going to be a double post, but I'm excited :)

I called the clinic today about my glucose test...it came back normal!! No gestational diabetes for me this pregnancy! Woot!

Oh, yes, and I have a new journal for baby/kid things. mytwobabies. I'll post a link when I post there..those that are interested can clickie ;)
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(no subject)

Hrm...actually, I'm looking into other journals. When I get one set up, I'll link it ;) I may delete the other then...I dunno yet.
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New family journal...

Okay, I took a suggestion to do another journal system. Good idea...heh. I'll add it to my links, and make a note when I post there.

The link is allmyfamily

I have an update there, but nothing about the doctor's call yet :)