July 21st, 2004

devil girl

I should have known..

I took a simple trip to the hospital yesterday for an ultrasound. This was to age the baby, so we knew exactly how far along I was and what blood tests could still be run. I ended up staying overnight.
I'm 26 weeks along, and as far as they can tell its a girl :) No hyper-tension so far, which is good. I stayed though because my cervix is short. Its hard to explain, but as you get closer to labor the cervix apparently shrinks, causing the contractions. So, the tightening of my belly has been contractions. I didn't realize that.
They monitored the baby and I last night, to make sure things were okay. With something like I have (I have no official name for it), its possible to go into pre-term labor, so they wanted to see what was going on. The baby's fine, good strong heartbeat. I had no contractions.
They've given me a prescription for motrin in a high dosage. I'm supposed to take it every 6 hours, with food. And, I'm on modified bedrest. That means that I can't be chasing Garrett around, or lifting more than 10 lbs...that does include my son. I'm supposed to be reclining most of the time, if possible. Light housework, and I'm only supposed to go up and down the stairs once a day.
This also means I'm not supposed to travel really. No family reunion for me this weekend. Mom's going to take Garrett though, and they'll be back Sunday. I have another appointment on Monday. Oh, yeah, I have to go in every week for awhile so they can make sure the baby has enough fluid. Apparently, the motrin can dry up some of the fluid. Great.
Also, no sex for me. No sex, no parties. If I'm going to be social, people have to come to me. -sigh- Hopefully this only lasts for a few weeks.
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