August 5th, 2004

devil girl

I am a liberated woman!!

Yes, folks that's right! I went to the doctor today, and everything's fine. No more bedrest for me! I'm not back to normal activity, but its better than the bedrest. I asked about sexual activity, and have been given the green light! With the warning that it can be modified at a later date if need be. I can also do light housework...still no vacuuming or the like. I can pick up Garrett sometimes, but not like I used to. Still, its nice to not feel guilty everytime I get up from the couch. And its nice to be able to pick up my son and cuddle him when he wants.
And yes, I cured that 'itch' this afternoon before D went to work -satisfied grin-. Grandma was the only one home, and she was in her room. Ahhhh. Much needed to say the least.
I feel much better :)
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devil girl

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Oh yeah. I made a new journal for family stuff....I either didn't verify or lost the information for mytwobabies, so I can't get into it. Besides, I think this username fits better. If I find/verify the other info, I'll just delete the extra journal.


I won't be adding friends to this, as I read from here. And, likely, I'll be passing the link on to my dad and other family members who wish to keep updated via computer media. I'll hide the 'friends of' list too....since I'm not going to garner everyone's consent should family members get a little clicky.