August 27th, 2004

devil girl

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I have spent most of my day sleeping. I forgot to set my alarm last night to take my pain meds...the nurses suggested I keep on top of it as it'll manage the pain better that way. Still, this morning, when I got up the pain wasn't that bad. I mean, I hurt...and getting out of bed was a chore, but it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would. I need to get a rail or something to pull myself out of bed with. Otherwise, I use my stomach muscles and that can get a bit painful.
On the bright side, I think I can go 4 hours between doses of pain meds now. This is a good thing...I can maybe start wiening myself from them. I hate pills. I haven't been moving around much today, though I should be. I sat on the recliner, and promptly fell asleep and have spent most of the afternoon there.
Garrett's been fussy today...screaming, really. I think he has another tooth coming in. We've given him some tylonal, and that seems to be helping some. He's realy snuggly too...which, while he's usually fairly cuddly, its unusual for him to be so still. Poor little guy.
I'm frustrated with family, and the care for grandma. Seems like they just expect my mother do it..without question or any gain for herself. Bill just called demanding reciepts for everything, bitching that she shouldn't have paid $100+ for the direct tv. Nevermind that if he'd taken care of the bill and been on top of it, like he wouldn't have been that high. Its just a bunch of little things. I'm worried that mom's going to get so screwed out of this...she won't have anything at all, nevermind that she took on caring for her mother when the other two won't.
Dad told me he thinks she should just move and let them worry about it. She's been taking care of grandma for years now, her turn is done. I agree, except that I know she doesn't have the resources to move..and she can't take the time to find a job, either.
D and I have recently talked...when we move, we've made the offer for mom to move with us. She can stay home or find a job....but those details can be worked out later. Of course, whether she moves or not is up to her. I hope she doesn't get screwed in the long run.
There's more I want to say...and hopefully, I'll remember it. But, right now, I have little fingers helping me, and I need to go see my baby girl :)
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