October 3rd, 2004

devil girl


So, I've taken up the task of playing with my journal. So far, I like how it looks. I also like that its easy to customize for those of us who haven't figured out web design/graphics yet. However, I can't seem to find where to change the color of the comment links..that blue just makes my eyes twitch. Blech.
Next project: Make my own mood icons. Fun, fun!!
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devil girl


R came over on Friday. She brought with her a diaper genie (Yay!), a little headrest thing for Jae's seat to replace the towels we'd been using to keep her propped up, and a big box of candy (*drool*). Friday was fairly uneventful as things go. We watched tv..introduced her to more anime. Watched the kids, etc.
Yesterday was another party at the LH. Once again, I was wide eyed and bouncing off walls. This time though, I discovered the source of that. There's a guy there who seems to leak energy, and its like a full frontal assault for me. I need to work on shielding and grounding more, I'm thinking. It was rather fun though :)
I found myself a new play partner - at least for this one party, and hopefully more - and it was rather enjoyable. I have a secret, petty thing that just makes me giddy. I'll probably get karma smacked for it later, but last night it was oh so worth it. I was able to do something that someone else wasn't...or so the rumor has it. *snickergiggle* Petty, yes, but what an ego lift! There was a playful quality to the sex that was really nice. I miss that sometimes.
This new person and I have talked some over IM, and it looks like he's interested in friendship. I like that...I enjoy his company, what little I've experienced of it, and enjoy getting to know more about him. I must say, I'm intrigued. That doesn't happen often. Interest, yes..intrigue, rarely.
Right now, I'm at home. D is on the couch watching football. He had JaeLynne with him and had a short nap - it was really cute. R is on the air mattress sleeping, and I think I just heard mom get up. I thought I'd take advantage of the quiet time while Garrett is at my aunt's house. Its been a pretty relaxed day so far, but I have to get to housecleaning soon.
My grandma may be home from the hospital Tuesday, and so tomorrow there is a family meeting. We're supposedly going to attempt to correlate information given in bits and pieces to various members of the family from the doctors and the therapist to see what we have. Also, to get the house in some sort of shape for grandma to make things easier for her. I'm still very frustrated with my family over this whole affair, and half suspect its going to end up being a 'lets blame the one who takes care of her' fest. *sigh*
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