October 4th, 2004

devil girl

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I've decided I need to write more. I want to, I really do. I need to find some writing prompts right now, I think. I have a background story for a character that I need to do. I'm so out of practice right now though...ugh.
Anyway, I should sleep now...so, yeah...goodnight
devil girl

(no subject)

Things to do today:

1. Have coffee
2. Take shower
3. Pick up living room - including baby toys
4. Vacuum
5. Take down air mattress and move dining room table back
6. Clean off dining room table
7. Sweep kitchen floor - mop if there's time
8. Go get pierced
9. Eat

These are listed in no particular order but all should be done today. Family meeting this afternoon. yippy skippy.
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