October 5th, 2004

devil girl

Modified list and how my day has gone...

1. Have coffee
2. Take shower
3. Pick up living room - including baby toys
4. Vacuum - thanks to D
5. Take down air mattress and move dining room table back - Thanks to D
6. Clean off dining room table - Thanks to mom
7. Sweep kitchen floor - mop if there's time - Thanks to mom
8. Go get pierced
9. Eat

Between all of us, we managed everything but R and I going to get ourselves pierced. That is, however, on the agenda for tomorrow. It looks like D will even get to go with us. R thinks it'd be cute for me to get my nose pierced, but D isn't so sure on that. We've settled on getting me one of those little magnetic ones, and getting my eyebrow pierced tomorrow.
For lunch, we went up to The Sopranos. Its conveniently located a few blocks from Pan's school, which is a good thing considering we had a late lunch. The food was yummy - have some it for lunch tomorrow as well. A bit pricier than expected, but worth it. Thankfully, we had the $20 gift certificate I won at the PTA meeting.
The family meeting went alright, I guess. Its still frustrating though - still feels like mom's getting the shaft. We did talk about possibly putting grandma in assisted living. The doctors will review her situation tomorrow, and we'll know more then. Maybe having someone come in and help a couple times a week would help. The doctors are concerned about the amount of activity in the house and the stress its possibly causing grandma. Of course, this information only served to make me feel guilty. *sigh* Of course, the birds were a hot topic. I have a headache just thinking the hour we spent going rounds on that. I'm proud of myself though - I stood up for my mom and finally said some things I've wanted to say. I even did it nicely, considering. We compromised on some of that - they promised to be better about taking grandma -out- of the house (like my mom has been asking them to do for months) on a regular basis, and we'll be better about the birds and house. Of couse, part of this is...mom has to get the upstairs spotless (of bird stuff) before Friday. *sigh* Family is such a bitch sometimes.