October 20th, 2004

devil girl

Job Interviews!!

Woot!!! I just started looking for a job...and I already have 2 interviews lined up!!
I have one for today for a call center. They're inbound calls taking overflow for catalogue companies. I have to go in today for a typing test and a spelling test (their software doesn't include spell check). This job is just seasonal and starts next month.
Friday, I go in to a travel agency for an interview for an entry level job there. I've wanted to be a travel agent since I was a kid....I've never seen anything like an entry level position available. I'm excited!!
Wish me luck :)
devil girl

(no subject)

I went up to Donnely communications today. It wasn't an interview, but a screening. However, I do have an interview tomorrow at 9 am. Yay me!