December 14th, 2004

devil girl

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With D going back to work, I have to be up to get Pan up for school. I've decided to use this time for updating my least, when I have something to say. I've taken a shower, had some food, and am enjoying a semi-quiet cup of coffee...and I don't leave for another 2 hours or so! It feels good to kind of putz around the house on my own. Jae goes in her swing, so she sleeps through most of the morning. Garrett should be up anytime now, but hasn't been getting up until later. Pan is up, but she's pretty self-sufficient.
Work is going well. I enjoy it..even with the few people that you have to wonder how they make it through the day. I know this week, people will likely be nastier as Christmas is fast approaching. So far, though, I've only had a few nasty calls overall. Word has been buzzing around that its much slower this year than last. As a result, seasonal will only be on through the 22nd at the lastest. I'm hoping I get to stay, but I'm not going to stress over it. They've already let about 8 seasonal people go.
D started his new job yesterday. He said that he liked it so far. Of course, it was only the first day. Right now, he's taking the bus into work. Better anyway, since its up on Cap Hill.
Things have been pretty much the same around the house. Kids are active. Mom's watching them while we work. I have more updated on the family journal. I did that last night.
While at work, I've managed to write a little something. I have to figure out where I want the story to go, but I have the start of it anyway. I've been keeping my written journal up mostly. I don't have net access at work, so can't update here.
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