December 26th, 2004

devil girl

Long needed update

Work: As of last Monday, I no longer have a job. It was sooo slow that they weren't able to keep any of the seasonal. Bummer. Can't say that I'm unhappy though, as I have returned to being home with the kids.

New plan: Since I'm out of work, I've been looking at something I'd like to do. I was informed of an online course for medical transcription offered through Edmonds Community College. Its $1500, and includes the transcription machine. The course is 3 months long, and because its on the internet only, I can begin at any time. After the holidays, I will call the college and confirm the information. The draw back to this, of course, is the $1500.
The original plan had been to put away my paycheck that's coming on the 30th. Of course, there are things we need out of that paycheck, so we may not be able to do that. D gets paid on that day too, but we have catching up to do, and some Christmas shopping for the kidlets. This may take a bigger chunk of money than we originally planned. Its alright..a little frustrating in that I want to get started ASAP on the course, but not a huge thing in the grand scheme. If we rely on D's checks alone, it'll take awhile to get saved up..and I'm not that patient.
Alternate plan is for me to get a temporary or part time job and just put those paychecks away, plus whatever we can out of his. He wants to start saving money anyway, for various reasons. Of course, this course is going to put a delay on our ability to move, but being here at grandma's is the best opportunity I have for such. In the end, my goal is to work from home, and I know with the MT training, I'll be able to at some point.

Christmas Eve: As usual, we went over to my aunt's for dinner. And, as usual, my family left the house late. Feh. All went well though, and we arrived in time for dinner. Yummm. It was the usual Christmas affair...complete with the traditional rice with cream, cinnamon and sugar. Pandora got the almond and was thus deemed Princess for the night.
Santa even paid a visit to the house, offering a gift to any who sat on his lap. We started out with Garrett. It was so cute. He learned to look in the red bag Santa had to see what was in there. He made a few trips to Santa's lap ;) Pandora also got to sit on Santa's lap. In fact, we all took a turn. Mom even got a pic of D on Santa's lap! LOL
Santa was played by my Uncle Bill. He used to do that when we were kids. I think he had fun doing it..its been awhile since he's had occassion to play Santa :) Pan insisted that she knew it was Uncle Bill, even though we tried to convince her it wasn't. By the end of the night, she was saying how she was going to tell her sister (On her mom's side) that Santa made a special trip to my aunt's house to visit her. It was cute :)

Christmas Day: We left the house later than I had wanted, really. D drove Pan up to her other grandma's to spend Christmas day with her mom's family. After, he went directly to my aunt's to help with the computer and watch the football game. I had the kids, and myself, ready before mom and grandma were. Ugh!! Talk about seeming like an eternity.
Garrett and Jae made out like bandits. LOL! Pan did too, but she opened all her gifts on Christmas Eve. Garrett really enjoyed the opening of his gifts.
The three gifts he liked best: His little tykes push and ride 'bike', his elmo giggle box (which is like a jack-n-the-box), and the elephant stool. He went to the stool immediately and began climbing on it..that was before we began to open gifts.
We couldn't even get the push and ride out of the box before he was sitting on it and saying "Ride!". D had to put it together for him. He played with it about 5 minutes and got distracted by everyone else arriving. He played with his giggle box for like 30 minutes or more, though. I think that one is his favorite. He kept going back to that one all night long. He also got a little fire engine that makes noise and goes on its own. He liked that too :)
After eating and gifts, we played a game. We wanted to play CSI the board game, but seemed to have run out of time. Ausha and Matt had to go to dinner at his parent's house, so... yeah, oh well. Maybe on New Year's. D, Cheryl, Pan mom and I played Scattergories though. It was amusing.
We were smarter today than we were last night when it concerned Jae. We didn't bring her swing last night, and the poor girl ended up so over-stimulated that once we got home she wouldn't stop screaming for awhile. She didn't really sleep either..mostly because she as being passed around. Today, we brought her swing. She slept a good part of the day and wasn't passed around as much. When we got home, she did cry some, but nothing like last night. She got lots of clothing for Christmas, but not too much in the way of toys.

Plan for tomorrow: Christmas recovery! We have to unload the cars and figure out where everything goes. I'd also like to go through things more thuroughly. D and I both got some nice things...but, I don't remember them all to list. Coffee..I know we got quite a bit of coffee. Gary made me a shot glass, as he's a glass blower. Its really cool :)
Anyway..the plan for tomorrow is unpacking the cars, doing the dishes that have piled in the sink over the last couple of days, doing the laundry and somewhere in there relaxing and recovering from the holidays.
Yeah, Right! LOL
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