December 31st, 2004

devil girl

Something to ponder...

Someone sent me some information on post-partum depression.
Here's a list of symptoms:

The signs and symptoms of depression after childbirth vary depending on what form the depression takes. General signs and symptoms of the baby blues and postpartum depression include:
• Anger
• A sense of unworthiness, inadequacy, failure or guilt
• Crying
• Irritability and impatience
• Restlessness
• Sadness
• Tiredness (fatigue), inability to sleep (insomnia) or both
• Mood swings
With the baby blues, these signs and symptoms — which also may be accompanied by feelings of loneliness, anxiety, confusion and forgetfulness — pass in a few days or weeks. With postpartum depression, such signs and symptoms are more intense and longer lasting. They may interfere with your ability to function and can additionally include:
• A sense of emotional numbness or feeling trapped
• Fear of hurting yourself or your baby
• Impaired thinking or concentration
• Lack of joy in life
• Less interest in sex
• Excessive or lack of concern for your baby
• Significant weight loss or gain
• Withdrawal from family and friends

I have felt all of the ones in the first group, in one degree or another. The last set...perhaps the first one, to a small degree, and less interest in sex in general. Not sure I have a total lack of joy in life..but it certainly does seem diminished from time to time. *sigh*
How does one begin with the doctor? "By the way doc, I looked at this list of symptoms..." *shrug* Maybe I should make an appointment, get it done and over with. I thought about it....but, I kept forgetting, or figuring it wasn't a big deal. Maybe its bigger than I think.
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devil girl

Stolen from deliciouspear

This might be hard for some of you, cause people are not trained to talk about themselves, but DO IT ANYWAY.

Brag About Yourself!

Post here something GOOD about yourself! Tell me why you're cool, why I should read your LJ, why everyone should think you're keen!

I mean - I already know why *I* like you. I want to know why *YOU* like you.


And hey - post this in your own journal and see why your friends like themselves!