January 22nd, 2005

devil girl

Quick update

On Wednesday, I went into the doctor for PPD. He thinks though that its a sleeping disorder that could be leading into depression. As a result, Im to try and go to bed 15 minutes earlier than before every few nights. He says to cut back my bedtime slowly or I'll end up with something like jet-lag. He's also given me a low dosage of doxepin, 25 mg. He says that its an anti-depressant that's used to help control sleep sometimes.
Tuesday evening I took it, and Thursday I was groggy all day long. Granted, I took it late at night..the bottle says 'bedtime', which for me is like 3 am. I didn't really get to sleep though...JaeLynne woke up about 5:30, and D just got up..left her in bed with me. Of course, she didn't go back to sleep...she was smiling and cooing, and kicking a lot. Not sure why D thought she'd go back to sleep. In a cranky fit, I got up and came downstairs. I couldn't sit down without sleeping, and I think I slept most of the day. I didn't take the medication last night, because I was sooo tired.
Today was much better. I was still a bit woozy..not sure if its from the meds or what. But, that did wear off. I'm still a bit tired, but not groggy like yesterday. I took the meds about midnight tonight, and I'm going to see if that helps tomorrow. I hope so..I really hate the grogginess. I think I just have to find the right time to take it with my body so I'm still cutting back sleep slowly, but not feeling groggy all day long. I know it'll take my system a little time to acclaimate to this new drug.
We also took Pan in for her first counseling session. Well, it was more to get her started than an actual session. They asked us some questions as a family, some background stuff. Then they talked to her alone, and then to us alone. They are going to pass this initial session onto a clinician who will then give us a call and set up another appointment and regular sessions. Pan said that she thinks this will help. I hope it does.
I also have the approval from Molina to get Garrett the pediasure for his weight. I'm sure I've updated with that before..but, I'll check later. Right now, I'm too tired. At any rate, I called the medical supply place Molina gave me the number to. They said they just had to verify it was approved with Molina, and I'll have it. I believe it'll be delivered. I ended up getting a variety of flavors for him...so, hopefully he'll like them all. He's to have one can a day until March.
So, now, its getting close to my adjusted bedtime. I'm gonna go sleep.....