May 14th, 2005

devil girl

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Yesterday (well, technically Thursday, now...but I haven't slept yet, so my Friday isn't over) I cleaned the living room. I mean..I moved the chairs, the end tables and the sofa to clean and vacuum beneath them. I wondered where half of Garrett's toys had gotten to..heh. I also installed child locks on the cabinet behind the rocking chair..a set of Garrett's favorite cabinets to get into and wreak havoc upon. They aren't as easy as they claim to install. It would have been much easier of the adhesive actually...oh, I don't know....adhered to something. Every time I tried to screw the stupid little things in, they came off the cabinet. *Sigh* Took the better part of an hour for two...yes two doors. I still have one more set of cabinets to get them installed on, too. *grumble* At any rate, I felt rather proud and accomplished for the day.
Today, I rewarded myself with a trip to the beadshop. Spent a little more than I had intended, but that's alright. I bought myself a little loom, needles, thread and of course a bunch of seed beads. I think I managed to get a small selection from every color grouping. Now, I just have to figure out how to use the loom. Oh, yeah, I bought a container to keep the vials of seed beads in too.
Went to dinner at the Outback with D. Yummy. We talked and got caught up. We haven't spent much time together lately because of schedules. I discovered what a small world this can be. I talked about meeting someone for coffee in the near future...someone from a mailing list I belong to. Turns out, D knows him...rather intimately, it seems. I found that rather amusing.
I have enough money for the real estate training. I talked it over with D, and I'm going to go ahead and do it. I have to call the guy back on Monday, and set up a time to meet and get things finalized.
I'm excited. My mom showed me what she's making me for my birthday. She found a little silver Goddess charm. She was going to put it on leather cording, but found the beads didn't fit that, so she offered me a choice. I like the beads though. She said she thought they were Amber. I can't wait until its finished. Oh yeah, I had to look up what amber meant magically.... its protection and thwarts negativity. How appropriate is that? I love it.