June 16th, 2005


Creative thinking...

I'm excited. I bought a new Tarot deck today, along with some other books. Spent more than I likely should have, but it was much worth it :) The new Tarot is Gilded Tarot...I don't have the author/artist info right here, so I'll add that later. I LOVE it!! The imagery is -just- beautiful! Its based on the Raider-Waite deck, but has its own flare, so its not a clone deck. Which is good, because I don't tend to care for Raider-Waite and clones.
I did a reading tonight, of course. Not for myself...but a new character layout I've been wanting to try. I think I'm going to work on a story, using the Tarot to guide me. In fact, I already have 4 main characters. Two male and two female. I'm not quite sure how to weave them together yet, but I'll figure that out (with Tarot help) as I go, I think. I'm thinking of starting new community for storytelling using the Tarot. Feedback? Good, bad, indifferent?

So, here's the information I have - including the layout. The layout is from Kathleen Olmstead's The Girls' Guide to Tarot. I found a link to it on the web. So, here's the layout:

1. What is the character's motivation?
2. What is the character's downfall?
3. What is the character's greatest asset?
4. What is the character's greatest challenge?
5. What is the character looking for?
6. What should the character do next?

Here's the readings, and I'll 'flesh' out the characters as they reveal themselves to me. I have one already, an outline anyway. If you have insight, as always, feel free to share :) Oh yes, its important to add that you can base the 'meanings' on either the picture itself, the actual meaning of the card, or a combination of both. I only had to look up a couple cards because I wasn't getting anything visually. I'm quite proud of myself *huge grin*

Female character #1

1. The fool - Innocent or beginning a journey
2. 8 of Pents - Something is keeping her back, perhaps a male in her life
3. Strength - She has a great inner strength
4. 7 of swords - Leaving things behind
5. Queen of swords - her mother, or the truth of her mother
6. 7 of wands - defend her rightful place

Ella Morgan - She's grown up with a privleged life, comparatively speaking, and this has led to her being sheltered from how harsh life can be. Her father is a leader - perhaps a clan leader/chief. She wants to see the world, to learn the truth about her absent mother, but her duties to her father and her clan prevent her from taking that first step. She has a great inner strength that she hasn't fully discovered yet.

Appearance - She has a rather regal air about her, as if born to be the queen. She is however no stranger to physical labor, and that keeps her body slender and athletic in build. She has the fine features of her mother - long auburn hair and green eyes. Delicate bone structure, though it does not appear frail. She carries herself with pride. She is young, perhaps just coming out of her teen years.

Female character #2

1. 4 of wands - Family
2. 9 of Pents - The desire to live richly - perhaps beyond her means
3. Magician - The ability to balance aspects of her life
4. 10 of Cups - Feeling satisfied - nothing is quite enough
5. 7 of Cups - The satisfaction of her dreams coming true
6. 8 of Wands - Wait for an outcome already set in motion

I don't have a name for her yet, or even much history to flesh out - other than the cards. However, I will be working on this. I did ask the cards for her appearance:

She's an older woman - likely a few years older than Ella. She takes on the appearance of someone who has it all, but doesn't. She has long dark hair, dark eyes and darker skin. A woman who's spent time in the fields, under the blazing sun.

Male character #1

1. 5 of swords - Battle. Perhaps he's a soldier or a mercenary - or a bit of both.
2. Queen of swords - A woman. Perhaps Ella's mother.
3. 6 of wands - The ability to travel
4. 4 of wands - building strong family ties
5. The world - Searching for security
6. 4 of cups - Learning how to settle down and be content with himself.

Erick Van Boren - An older man who's seen many years of hard battle. He started his adult life as a soldier, only to become a mercenary later. He still upholds his values, and doesn't see glory in battle any longer - though he will fight to protect himself or his charge. In the past, he has only loved one woman (I'm thinking Ella's mother). He has travelled for so long, he's not sure how to remain in one place and create a life or family for himself. He is a man aware of what battle costs, on both sides.

Appearance - An older gentleman, nearing 'old age'. He's got a strong build and a lean body, though there is evidence of a small belly beginning. He's rugged looking, the full beard and bushy eyebrows making him appear almost like a bear. His hair is long, and more often than not, unkempt. His skin is bronzed from the sun, his hair a rust color. His eyes are a bright blue - like a clear sky.

Male character #2

1. 5 of Cups - Lonliness and desperation
2. The Hermin - Hiding himself away
3. 3 of Cups - Ability to making strong bonds of friendship
4. 6 of Cups - Turning away from the past
5. Queen of cups - A woman to love and make his wife
6. The Lovers - Learn to trust and love

He is a man who is accustomed to being alone - at times letting that get to him. He does not let others see who he is, or can be, often hiding his inner most thoughts away when someone gets close. If one can get past that wall, he is a loyal friend who feels that tie strongly. He has trouble forgiving sins of the past and looking to the future. He seeks a woman who will not betray him.

He is a younger man, perhaps a few years younger than Erick. The lonliness makes him appear older, his lips generally curved into a faint frown. His hair is long and dark, his appearance tidy. He is clean shaven. Grey eyes always seem to have a haunted look. He is muscular and lithe, quick on his feet.

I have not named him yet.

These are the four main characters in my story. I see how 3 of them fit, but I'm not sure how female #2 does just yet. I'm not sure of the overall plot, but I'm sure the cards will tell me :) The setting is an alternate earth...a place where magic thrives. I'm not sure if I plan on dragons and the like yet, but maybe. I'm looking for an arthurian type setting, I think. Not true to history though - it is an alternate earth after all ;)
Oh! I also have a description for Ella's mother, but nothing more. She appears to be wise, very stately in how she carries herself. She is a woman of quiet strength. Long auburn hair, like her daughters. Green eyes like her daughters, though they have a slightly haunted appearance. She is lithe. She appears to be delicate boned, though again, not frail.

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I found a couple names:

Female character #2 - Brenna McDougal
Male Character #2 - Braeden Greene
Ella's Mother - Guinivere Callahan