June 21st, 2005

devil girl

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I have 27 hours and 56 minutes of study time in. I'm almost done with Unit 7, but someone's screaming her little head off again *sigh* At least I got some time in. Hopefully, I can come back to it.
devil girl

2nd time around...

100% the second time around. I'm thinking I should retake all the unit exams before attempting the final exam..at least then, I'll know where I need to brush up on study.

Now, its on to Unit 8. Grandma has baby girl, so I'm going to put as much study time in as I can.
devil girl

Last progress report for today

I give. My concentration level isn't there. I'm rereading things 2-3 times. I'll try again in the morning. I've talked to mom a little about studying before I go into work, since they have me scheduled later in the days this week. Anyway, right now I'm at 28 hours and 58 minutes. I'm edging closer and closer to the 50 hours (there's 10 minute breaks every hour, so its only clocking 50 hours)