June 22nd, 2005

devil girl

Progress report

I think I got a couple hours of study in today. I'm currently at 30 hours and 40 minutes. I believe I was at 27 hours or something to begin with. Not too shabby :) Kids are up and about, and I think I need a break. I have 30 minutes before I get ready for work, I'll take advantage and check my email.
devil girl

(no subject)

I signed up for a list that's all tags. The blanks are sent around for people to 'snag'. I was thinking I could do icons out of some of those. I'm not sure how to use the signature tags with my gmail account, but I'm gonna try and figure it out. Also, I noticed a new tags feature here...is that what its for?
I have photoshop I can use, but I understand that most people use printshop pro. Perhaps I'll buy a copy of that out of my next paycheck or something. I know mom wants a copy, but when she tried to install it, it screwed up her computer.
Just some random thoughts...