June 27th, 2005

devil girl


I've been playing with my animation shop again :) I'd love to do more with it..it seems sort of limited. Heh..listen to me, like I'm an expert ;)
Here's one of the two icons I've made tonight. I'll make a post for the other one :)
devil girl


Number two. Opinions? Does the font on the other need to be bigger? It looked fine earlier, but now its almost too hard to see.
This one, I think is okay. I'll look at it again.
devil girl

(no subject)

Alright, I'm finally off to bed, I think. I'll do some updating tomorrow, if luck holds out.

I want to say though.... I didn't realize how much I missed someone until I started talking to her again :) She knows who she is ;) I'm glad we're communicating again! *hugs and loves* Its been ....wonderful.