July 16th, 2005


All in a day's work...

Yes, I officially started my new job today. Bossman called me last night with a couple deliveries for me to make. No problem, glad to finally be working :)
So..this is my day, which hasn't been *too* bad, just busy and well..crowded. I was supposed to be home cleaning the house for tomorrow, since people will be over for Garrett's birthday party, but I was gone all day. And I do mean -all- day.
I got up at 9:30ish am, which was about 30 minutes later than I wanted to be up. No big deal. I took a shower, got dressed, got Monkey ready. Discovered that it would be easier to take Pandora, since she might be with her grandma anyway. She'd said no one was home when she called earlier. Had Pan pack and be ready, intending to call her gradma on the road - since I'd be up that way anyway, it would be no big deal to drop her off.
Stopped by Bossman's house to pick up the first delivery, which is in Marysville. Okay, getting in his door is tricky. No one told me the little trick to it..so I'm playing with the lock for like 10 minutes, and finally give. I go to the van, get the cell phone, return to the door and begin to call his room mate for help with opening the door. Of course, just as the phone rings, I finally get the trick to the door. *rolls eyes* Just figures.
The first delivery wasn't difficult, everything went smoothly for that. On the way back, we saw a train. Garrett just loved that :) After the delivery, I went to the old job to pick up my paycheck and visit while the bbq was going. Of course, it started to rain. Pan and Garrett had fun though - everyone thought Garrett was adorable *puff up with mama pride* He and Pan played with another little boy about Garrett's age for awhile. It was really cute to watch :)
On the way home, I stopped by Bossman's for the other two deliveries which were south of me. Called mom to see if Garrett was going to go to Cheryl's, but mom said she hadn't heard from Cheryl yet. Told mom I could drop Garrett off if needed. Pan had talked to her grandma, and it was a no go for tonight, so I still had her with me. She'll be going over on Sunday.
Didn't hear from Cheryl until I was past the exit I needed, so I told mom we'd do the two deliveries and I'd drop him off after that. Traffic was...horrendous. I kid you not. A few rain drops and the whole city comes to a standstill. Fucking amazing. So, an hour and a half later, I'm making delivery #2. Of course, Mapquest is ...well, funny. Told me to take an exit 'toward' a street and turn left at such and such a street. Come to find out what they -really- meant was to take the exit and take a left at the end of the exit onto such and such street. ARG!!!
After figuring that out, the delivery was *much* easier. Heh. Funny that. The third delivery (from about Martin Luther King Way down to Des Moines) was about another hour and a half or so. Unbelievable!! Again, after a couple U turns, we found the place.
On the way home, we stopped for dinner. Neither of the kids had eaten since like 1 pm and it was now after 6 pm. We stopped at Burger King, and I let the kids play to stretch their legs some. Coming home the traffic wasn't so bad, it had pretty much cleared, thankfully. I dropped Garrett off at Cheryl's. I cleaned the house, with help from Pan and mom. All that's left is putting away baby clothes, straightening a bit and vacuuming....oh, yeah, the kitchen. Tomorrow, I want to go get my hair done. I have to pick up the cake and some groceries. *sigh* And be back by about 2 pm....where am I gonna find the time??? so much to do....

Well, I'm up at R's right now, but she's sleeping. I'm just finishing up the post I started like an hour ago (got distracted by chatter) and gonna head home. May hit the grocery store for a couple things...but, it may just wait until tomorrow too. Likely tomorrow.
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