August 2nd, 2005

devil girl

It's done...

Over. D and I are no longer a couple. I'm a newly single mother of two. Part of me thinks things will get easier, part of me worries how I'm going to make it. In 2 weeks, he'll move out. I get the van and I get to keep my Woo car, though I offered to sign it over to him. He'll come see the kids 'when he can'. Not sure how often that'll be, but I guess I can't really worry about that too much. We haven't discussed finances of yet. In fact, we haven't discussed much of anything. Since, in the end, it won't matter - I won't be going into detail as to why the split up has occured. Its been working up to this for awhile now - he just took the step needed.
I've been feeling like I need to get myself together for some time now. Its hard to describe, because its nothing that's outward or that I can really place a finger on...just a sense that somethings amiss - something isn't quite 'together' for me. I guess now will be a very good time to figure out what that is and to work on it. No relationships for me for awhile (at least that's the plan), so I can do I can be 'together' and happy with myself before taking anyone else on. I think the kids will be enough ;)
I'll update on the weekend with the family soon - tonight I've got other things on my mind.
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devil girl

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Now I've hit the stage of wanting to cry. won't come out. So, in the end, I just feel like I've been kicked in the gut. *sigh*
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