August 3rd, 2005



I took the van to work today. MISTAKE. GRRR!!!!!
I had to leave it in Lynnwood for now. -sigh- I'm hoping it'll be easy once D gets home to get it back here. Maybe the engine will be cooled enough or something. It took me TWO (count 'em ladies and gents..2) hours to get from Snohomish (Hwy 9 to be exact) into 196th on Lynnwood. I gave up at that point. It backfired and stalling, stuttering, just sorta...died. Left me stranded on the trestle for a short bit (talk about nerves). I had an escort into Everett by a nice police officer, to make sure I didn't stall again. Fortunately, I didn't. I tried to drive home 99, thinking that would be easier. wrong. Oh so wrong.

Mom came and got me. I'm at home now, and I have food in my tummy. Had I realized that the van would act up like this, I would have eaten something before I left the house. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be psychic when it comes to cars.
Someone suggested it could be the timing or a head gasket. Any ideas? Hmm? I'm sure I have some car knowlegable people who read my journal, yes? Please? I hope so.