August 5th, 2005

devil girl

Study Report

It just occured to me that I need to finish my real estate course before D leaves. I can run the program on any computer, but it won't track time on other computers. Today, other plans have been put on hold so that I may study. I'm determined to do make this work out somehow.

At any rate, I took the Unit 8 exam and failed miserably. I scored 48%. Considering I haven't looked at this in awhile, I'm not all that disappointed. I'm just hoping I remember the rest well enough to pass the state exam. I think I'll do another round of study before taking that, when I don't have to worry about how many hours I have in.

Back to the study, I'll post again with progress
devil girl

(no subject)

Things on my to-do list for today:

Clean the kitchen
Clean kitchen table, stove and countertops
Wipe down all surfaces
Dishes in dishwasher
Sweep and mop floor
Dinner clean-up (done after dinner)
Take out all recycling
Move things to basement (surplus items)

Clean living room
Return toys to toybox
Clean under furniture
Take out all recycling
Return all dishes to kitchen
Vacuum - including under furniture

Clean bathroom
Do laundry
Fold and put away clothing

Clean out both vehicles

I have 35 hours and 35 minutes of studying in so far. Not bad..a couple hours this morning, and I do plan on getting back to it. Right now, I hear a baby screaming at me that its nap time.
devil girl

Progress report

I just finished Unit 9. I only scored 84% on the unit exam. Its not a bad score, but it isn't passing. Now to brush up on what I missed and try again.
devil girl

Final progress report for the evening

I have one more section of Unit 11 to complete before taking the unit exam. Total time spent in study: 37 hours and 57 minutes.

Tomorrow morning is slated for those projects I didn't get done today (such as the kitchen). I'm down to only one child for the next couple of days, so I'll be taking advantage. Tomorrow afternoon is slated for preparing for a LH party, and tomorrow evening will be spent at the LH :) Sunday afternoon will be slated for any projects I don't get done tomorrow. Full schedule! Now, I'm off to go pursue some sort of entertainment and perhaps put lil girl down for bed :)