August 10th, 2005

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I'm confused.

The question is phrased:

The homestead exemption is not available against an execution or forced sale in satisfaction of judgements obtained on debts secured by charge accounts.

I answered true - because its only available against involuntary liens.

The test claims the answer is False

The justification: The statement is FALSE. The homestead exemption is only available against certain involuntary liens.

Maybe I'm missing something? Debts secured by charge accounts would be voluntary, yes? They claim the answer is false..but given the phrasing of the question, wouldn't that mean it -would- be available against judgements obtained on debts secured by charge accounts? Or maybe because its a judgement its involuntary.....and you know, I think I answered my own question. Judgement would imply it -is- involuntary, and that judgement would create a lien. *sigh*
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Hot cocoa, even in warm weather, is such a calming thing. Its just what I need right now....a deep breath and some calming.
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Final progress report

I just don't have the concentration right now, so I give on the study. I'm half way through Unit 14. I currently have 41 hours and 21 minutes of study time in. I'll get as much as I can tomorrow between running errands in the morning and doing deliveries.
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Often described as "a breath of fresh
air", that my friend is exactly what you
are. Your soul is of the powerful and ethereal
family of the elemental spirits. With your
impish charm and striking sense of humor and
optimisim, you are constantly surrounded by
friends and admirers, many of whom watch you
from afar, beguiled by your magnetic
personality and wit, but too shy to approach
you. People of your origin often find
themselves in the entertainment industry, as
they love to make people laugh and feel better
about life. You are most likely fascinated by
the origin of fairies, elves and other magical
beings, and feel a sense of inexplicable
clarity when you watch such movies as Harry
Potter and Lord Of The Rings. You live for your
dreams and most likely your closest friends are
other Elementals and Wise Ones, the
reincarnated witches and wizards you worked
alongside in a past life. You love animals and
nature and are greatly angered at man's abuse
of it. You hide your anguish behind a beautiful
smile and dazzling eyes. Don't let the world's
drudgery wiegh your wings down, as the human
race is counting on you for its sense of morale
and hope, which is forever being tested. Stay
true to yourself, and one day it will all come

Which Earth Angel Are You?
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Progress Report

I finished Unit 16. I had to take the exam twice. It only had 15 questions, and I missed two, which resulted in an 80 something percentage. I passed the second time with 100%. I think, for now, I'm gonna take a break and see to the children. I should be back at it later tonight, if luck holds out.