August 17th, 2005

devil girl

Progress Report

I finished Unit 18 and have taken the exam twice. First score was 62%, second score was 98%. Much better. I'm almost done with the studying...thankfully. So, now, onto the next unit :)
devil girl

Another progress report

I finished Unit 19 and passed with 100%! Woot! Go me!

I have about 3 hours of study left to do. I'm excited and nervous all at once. I'll definately get it done this week *breaths sigh of relief*
devil girl


I have met all 50 hours required!!! I still have some study to do though - units I haven't completed yet, but at least there isn't the press for time, thankfully. Now, I just need to send in the affadavit that I should have sent in months ago. time has been completed. Now, I think I can finish the unit studies on another computer....whew.