October 22nd, 2005

devil girl

(no subject)

You are the Color Nymph and for you, life is a
party! You are an outgoing nymph who is fun to
hang out with. Because for you, being bored is
the last thing you want to be! You add colors,
luster, shine, and glitter to everything! No
one wants to sit around, yawning right? You're
always there to say a joke and play! It doesn't
matter what you're doing or where you are, you
just gotta have fun! You can make the most
dullest thing, like a chore or even school
(blah, school!) into an adventure or at least
get a few laughs from it! Color Nymphs are
always hanging around with each other, adding
spice to someone's life. Your motto is to get
up and get active!

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Deep inside you, there's a creature trying to get out... What is it??? (Beauitful anime pics)
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