December 22nd, 2005

devil girl

Tis the season.....

to be busy! And I have good ways :)

I know its been awhile since I've updated. The last few I tried by email didn't go through. I think, after Christmas, I'm going to renew for a year. I thought about just not doing it, but I like the option to update by email...and I'm just not quite ready to let go of the journal. I'm going to try and do a general update now, but forgive me if I forget anything.

I'm seeing someone new. Yes, I know..I've gotten 'caught up' and excited before, but this time, its different. We don't see each other all the time, but when we don't, we talk. We have similar days off, which is actually pretty helpful :) The kids like fact, Jae gives him goodnight kisses when he's over. That, and she likes to spend a good deal of her time on his lap. Garrett, of course, shows off for him and enjoys the play time. Last night, I got to meet his son......and so did the kids. They all seem to get along well. Poor little guy had trouble getting to sleep though - new people and a new place, I suspect.
Today, we all went out (Yes, new guy and his son too) to the mall to see Santa. It was...hectic! I enjoyed it though. I finished up my Christmas shopping, and have only one more gift to buy. With the exception of mom and grandma, but neither care if they get late Christmas gifts. We had lunch at Red Robin. By that time, Garrett was hungry and throwing his fits. Jae was fine until we sat down, then she started screaming. Despite that, lunch was enjoyable. Jae even got new shoes today - they were on sale, 2 pairs for $12. Yay! I picked up a couple more things for Pan, too.
Speaking of the big girl child...I get her tomorrow evening after work, and I have her at least through Christmas Eve. I'll have to talk to her grandma when I get her...there seemed to be some confusion and conflict over the phone.
I know that I work on Christmas...both Christmas Eve and Christmas. I'm hoping they'll ask for volunteers to take it off. At the very least, early outs. I'd love an early out those days. It sucks to be away from family then...I've managed to not have to work Christmas before. It sucks, really...I don't want to miss the kids opening gifts and such. *sigh*
Grandma went into the hospital again. She's still got that bladder infection, which somewhere along the line has caused a urinary staph infection. We've made sure that its not easily contagious, as the kids were a primary concern. All precautions have been taken, and the kids..though sick...seem well enough. (They seem to have caught a virus that isn't quite willing to let go). Right now, grandma's in a nursing home while she goes through therapy. We're hoping she'll get a 'pass' to come home for Christmas. If not, then I guess we'll have to go up to the home to visit her...but, I'll just be glad she's around for another Christmas.
That leads to other worries and issues, but I think I can deal with that after the stress of the holiday is over. I need to start making plans, and I will...I hope. I'm great at procrastinating until the last moment...and I'm hoping I can make myself stop doing that for the sake of the children. At any rate, not much I can do about it in this moment and its likely not going to be a worry through the holidays, thankfully.
Jae's up and walking now. She's hardly crawling at all anymore :D Day care seems to have done her a world of wonders. She's trying to speak too, but its mostly noises that sound like they -could- be words. Still, its progress, and I'm having a blast watching it. I'm so proud of my baby girl *beams* I moved her crib away from the bed, too. She seems to sleep better that way...she's slept through all the typing tonight, and I can get into bed without waking her. For a few days, I was wondering if it'd make a difference...but, I think now that she's feeling better, it is. I moved it because we have that one side that we can't latch...and she finally got out of the crib and onto the floor. Thankfully the door was closed enough that she couldn't get it open, or she would have been down the stairs. That side is now up against the wall so she can't push it down. It opens up the bedroom a little bit more too. I just need to pick up some and there'll be plenty of room. I'm glad she's sleeping through the night (at least mostly) though, it means that maybe I can get some sleep myself >:)