March 6th, 2006

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I haven't had much to say of late. Things have been the same around here. I thought though, it may be time to speak up :)

The weekend (for me) was good. Saturday, I went shopping with R. I got some new clothes....thanks to R. They're very nice, and sexay. Mmm. Later, I went to the party at the LH. I didn't play, but had a great time none-the-less. A nice soak in the hot tub was much needed and well as the conversation with a new person. Maybe next party I'll play.
Sunday, mom and I went to the sewing expo at the Puyallup fair grounds. I have caught the quilting bug. I have no idea, really, how to sew..but now I'll have motivation to learn. I have a pattern for some potholders that seems pretty easy, using the "paper piece" method. One of the vendors demonstrated the technique, and it seems simple enough. I found something I want to do for a friend of mine who's getting married too (no, you can't know what it is...bwahahahaha!). One of the vendors had it using a simmilar technique to the paper piece, only it was fusing cloth. Nice. I picked out some scraps of material from mom's stash for practice with the paper piece potholders. I just need to copy the pattern and start sewing. Mom showed me the basic steps of using the sewing machine today...doesn't seem that difficult.
Today has been less than stellar as far as getting things done. I had to run up to the school a couple times to bring forgotten items up to the kids. I'm told lunch and bedding are important things *mumble* I did manage to get the kitchen clean and fold up some laundry. I didn't get much further than though - I still have a basket of folded laundry up here.
I went to Fates' house for awhile. We had dinner and watched a movie. It was nice to be away from the kids...we haven't really in awhile. Poor guy is usually over here. Mom said they were yelling and screaming almost the entire time. I feel bad when that happens.
Grandma's coming home soon, we think. Her medicaid runs out this weekend, so we think they'll send her home. Her "custom" wheelchair was delivered to the nursing home today for a fitting. That caused some panic around the's understanding was that if they delivered to the nursing home, medicaid wouldn't pay for it. None of us have the money to cover the purchase. Apparently, it worked out okay as mom didn't seem panicked when I saw her up at the daycare. With grandma coming home, that means once again I'll be the only one earning income. Grandma can't do as much now as she was able to do before, so that means mom has to be home more. Its looking more and more like our best option is to sell the house and put grandma back in the nursing home once medicaid will take over payments again. Even that, though, may have some glitches. I think things are going to get worse before they get better...and I'm worried.
I guess for now, we just have to make the best of it.
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devil girl

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I'm not entirely sure I agree with this. I've never considered myself a "white lighter" or "fluffy bunny" type. I try to live in a positive manner, try to keep a positive outlook...but I do understand that there is a dark side, and I understand that it's needed to balance the lighter side. I try not to live in the dark...but, that doesn't make me a "White lighter" does it?