June 15th, 2006

devil girl

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Okay, lets try this again. There's so much to say now, not sure I'll remember it all. I have no memory to speak of, mind you.

First, and biggest news (at least personally), I think...Fates and I are no longer dating. We're still friends, and really, I think its better that way. Its a mutual thing, which was a relief, actually. I wasn't as ready as I thought I was to be in a relationship, and neither was he. We'd both been wanting to talk for awhile, but never found the time alone to do so. It wasn't a conversation that I wanted to have over the phone, online or with others around. I enjoy his company, and I'd like to enjoy it for times to come...and maybe someday we'll decide its the right time and the right feel. Then again, maybe not :)

Jae Jae went in to NW Center to see about possible early childhood intervention. I think that's the name of the program. Anyway, its for her speech or lack thereof. This last appointment was just a screening, getting down what our concerns were, how she behaves, etc. The next appointment, which is later this month, will be the evaluation. The fact that she isn't talking may be a number of things - ranging from an actual issue that may need speech therapy or some such to she just doesn't want to speak yet. She understands directions, questions and things at a level that she should, so that's not a concern. The fact that she never "babbles" or really mimicks sounds is a concern though. Some sounds she does, and she does speak a couple words...very basic words, and even those aren't real clear.
Of course, since this screening, she's started babbling some and saying what few words she does have clearer. I'm thinking we may just be paranoid, and she's laughing at us all. In any case, it isn't going to hurt to have it checked out - so I think we will :)

We had to put Mally cat down because she was getting too difficult to care for. She was an older cat, and rather than go outside, she often found spaces inside to do her business. The problem being that we don't really have a place to permanently set up a litter box for an indoor cat. Mom took her over to the ranch so that my uncle could do it. No one said anything to grandma because no one wanted to upset her. The woman can't remember whether she's eaten or not on any given day...but the moment the cat's gone, she's obsessed with it. I don't understand it. For days, she was lamenting about the cat and how the cat was missing - even mentioning it to the kids, who, by the way, would never have noticed otherwise.
I'm bothered by the whole affair. She was a great cat, very loving and has fit into our family well for years. It just seems like a waste to have her put down because we couldn't take care of her in a way that she needed. It seems like, in the end, we weren't there for her like we promised when we took her in. We made that promise just by taking her in. But, to take her to a shelter would have ended with the same result, I'm afraid. I hate that they put animals down - but I do understand. It makes my heart ache.
On the brighter side, we did get grandma a new cat. He's six months old, and such a love. I know this seems such a contradiction, but let me just say, the litter box is temporary. This cat shall be indoor/outdoor like Marble.