June 24th, 2006


I got out ....

So, I went out to a meet and greet for AFF last night. I had a blast!!

The theme was "Pimps and Hos". There were better "Ho"s there than me, but eh. I just went wearing my jeans and a cleavage shirt. I even went so far as to put make up on ;) I looked good. Good enough that someone bought me a drink..much appreciated. Good enough that I earned beads without having to flash >:)
I met quite a few people that I'd been chatting to for awhile, and some that I haven't really chatted to much at all. One of those particular people surprised me, actually. I talked to him for a good portion of the evening...he's freakin' hilarious. And nice looking to boot. He's not the kind of "Oh my god! He's hot!" do a triple take on the street good looking...he's cute. The kind of cute that makes you wanna just hug and cuddle him...the kind of cute that doesn't make you think "trophy..bronze him and store him on a shelf".
He surprised me because I've never really talked to him in chat. I mean, I know his handle and we've said hi more than likely...but, I guess I've never paid much attention. He mentioned my hair looked different than my profile pic. *blinkblink* He looked?! Wow...I had no idea. *giggle* Seriously..none. I didn't even think he knew my handle..but, I guess, he did!
Last night, I was perky and bubbly and just..cute. "Very fuckable" I was told *beams* Oh yeah, good night. No, no fucking. Not even a kiss. But, that's okay...it was nice just to have the attention. Makes me feel good. I was sober even..just the one drink. I swear it.
/end gush
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