August 22nd, 2006


Just a random update

Things have been a little hectic and stressful around the house of late. I've given more and more thought to moving, and am growing anxious for such an outcome. Unfortunately, at the moment I have no means of implementing a plan. I'm trying, but some things just hinge on other people...and those other people don't seem to feel the urgency on things that I do.
I have to take a deep breath and just sort of...go. Make the best of it..whatever. Once again, I have a van that doesn't work. This time, its the, moving anywhere at the moment would be futile as mom is my ride to and from work. This, of course, messes up scheduling enough to drive me bonkers. We get home with time for me to make dinner and put the kids to bed, really. Especially now that I'm working overtime.
The plan is to put as much money as I can away, so that when the house is sold (because I have little doubt that at some point, it will be), I have an alternate plan. Right now, I think I just need space of my own, but I haven't been able to create that yet. I keep looking at the bedroom, making plans...then having to change plans to something else in the house.
The kitchen, currently, is torn apart. My uncle is redoing the cabinet doors. While I appreciate his helpful gesture, I wish he could have warned me. The microwave is on the kitchen table, which leaves no room for me to feed the children. The dining room table; as usual, is set up for mom's sewing and currently has remnants of another recent house project on it. The living room is a mess, mostly because I haven't had the energy lately to clean it up. *sigh*
Right now, my major project is getting the kitchen back together, despite the fact that I don't have cabinet doors right now. They want us to go through everything before putting it away. Yes, sure, because between work, cooking, cleaning and the kids, I have the time. So, once again...the bedroom has been put off. It shouldn't be, I know. It would do me a world of good to have that space be my own..a place to decompress and destress. I hate the house the way it is, and it makes me crazy to be there. But, I *am* working on it.
On the brighter side of things, Garrett has his own space now. And a big boy bed :D So far, so good. Someone needs to sit with him, but he stays in his bed. He's got new "Cars" sheets that he likes :
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