September 9th, 2006


Daily layout

So, I found a new daily layout that I really like. The goal is to help learn the tarot, which I could use. I used it the other day, with the one I posted and never finished.

For this spread, I've divided the deck into Majors, Minors, and Court cards. I then shuffle each stack seperately and draw a single card....

..1.. (Major)
..2.. (Court)
..3.. (Minor)

In position 1, I'll draw a Major that represents a lesson or situation for the day.
The goal is to deepen my understanding of each Major by relating one to my life daily.

Position 2, I'll draw a Court card that represents someone I'll come in contact with, or something I'll learn about myself or someone I know that day.
The goal is to better learn how to directly associate the Court cards with people and personalities.

And for position 3, I'll draw a card from the Minors to represent obsticles or advice for the day.
The goal is to learn how the Minors can be associated to everyday and/or mundane circumstances.

I'll post a little more later, I think. Right now we're slammed (okay, maybe not slammed, but busy). *Sigh* I miss the good ol' days of quiet Saturdays.
devil girl


All of the cards just popped out at me today, so they must have something to say. I only have a few minutes on lunch, so I'll get this down and come back to edit later.

1. The Chariot
2. King of Wands
3. 6 of Cups and 9 of Wands

Any input is welcome.

Note to self: Using guilded tarot