September 14th, 2006

Tiger girl

Daily reading

The World - Everything is within reach. Spiritual balance. Accomplishment and sense of unity with the universe.

King of Pentacles - Hard worker but ready to lay aside responsibility. Good life alone won't satisfy.

Two of Wands - A crossroad where the choice are unclear. Too many unknowns. Follow your instinct and move ahead bravely.

Today there is a sense that everything is "right". Everything's balanced. I need to be aware of my desire to just not be responsible, and keep working through it so that I can reap the rewards. Right now, my choices are not clear in that there is not "right" or "wrong" answer avaiable. There are too many unknowns to make a decision on logic alone, and I must trust my instincts to move ahead.

Story spread

I laid down some cards with the intent of writing, rather than just "seeing" this time. I don't have time at the moment to sit and write, but I'm hoping to get back to it tonight. To that end, I've jotted some notes on the cards I've drawn and I'm transcribing them here so I can have easy access.

Main character:
King of Swords - Older, refined, watchful, relaxed. Dark hair and eyes. He's mature, expressive, one who organizes and controls external matters, sometimes at the expense of internal or personal matters. He's intelligent, comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.Someone who may need to seek more balance in his self image or his dealings w/ others. He's maybe a little snobbish.

10 of Cups - Happy home life that's free of strife or conflict. Peaceful and joyous. Be aware of contentment turning to laziness and do not neglect family thinking everything is fine.

3 of Pentacles - Contentment with work and achievements. Master craftsman. Great skill and pleasure in weilding that skill. Be aware of loosing that magical connection to the process and product. Pursue a new activity.

7 of Cups - Illusion, choices. Reflection, assessment and motives. A strong will is needed to overcome the distractions of the imagination. Faced w/ many choices, opportunities, and dreams. Find the inspiration where you can, but beware of being overcome by the power of the distractions. You may regret the choice in the long run.