September 26th, 2006


I have been assimilated....

WoW style. Yes, that's right. I'm finally on World of Warcraft. Really on it, I mean. Upgraded to a full account and everything.

Currently, I have two characters on Feathermoon and one on Arie Peak.


Zarlaina; Troll - level 7 shaman
Mercusia; Tauren - level 3 (I think) warrior

Arie Peak:

Jaijai; Night elf - level 1 (I think) hunter

For those that wish to play with me, you're welcome to. I'm usually on after 8 pm PDT/PST. I'm not always going to be on either, as I do have another game I'm loyal to...but, thus far, I am enjoying the slaying of beasts :D