September 27th, 2006


Cross reading

Deck: Guilded Tarot
Question: Work related
The book I used today for the meanings: Smart Girls Guide to Tarot

1. Core of the issue
Ace of Wands
start action; beginning a process
Book: The beginning of a new business venture or anything that engages your intellect and emotions. Indicates great worldly success for this new venture. Get moving! Be aware of not following through with the same energy.

2. This is not important now - Do not do
Nine of Wands
Analize why things went wrong, defeat, dwelling on mistakes
Book: Getting ready to stand your ground. Could be a delay, be aware of not being prepared.

3. This is very important - Do this
Knight of Wands
Book: You either have, or soon will, take a flying leap into the future. Departures, changing places, absence. Can be a switch in jobs. Try to see the long view.

4. It will lead to this
The World
Book: If you're lucky enough to have this at the end of a reading - its as close to you'll get hwat you wish for as you'll get

Lots of wants/action. To get the result I desire, I need to get off my duff and get mvoing. I can't delay on this, and I can't be on the defensive. I should be prepared to defend my decisions, if needed, so that I'm not taken by surprise. I have to formulate a plan, and use that to combat any doubts if necessary