May 7th, 2007

devil girl I am...

facing another long overdue update. Surprisingly enough, I have things to update on! ;)

First, I quit my call center job!! *much rejoicing* That in itself is much relief. May 3rd was my last day. When I first put in my notice, I didn't have a confirmed job yet. Yeah, I know, not the smartest move on my part in theory. I had, however, talked to a placement agency, and my contact was certain they could place me with no problems. It would have been administrative positions located downtown - a *much* closer commute for me, and easily attained by bus. So, given that encouragement and burst of confidence that I *could* re-enter the administrative work force - I quit.
I have not been placed through that service of yet - but rest assured, I *am* working! I started my new job last Friday. I am a legal transcriptionist :D Or, at least, once I'm trained, I will be. Its a pay cut from what I was making before to begin with - a $2 cut, which is difficult. However, the office is just over the bridge from me. I don't even have to go as far as downtown. Right now I'm proofreading, but I think they'll move me to editing (where I transcribe) real quick. He brought me on because of my schooling for court reporting - even though I don't do that, he liked that I have an understanding of the process they go through. So, I listen to the audio back ups and transcribe from that. When I become proficient, I'll be moved to a per page rate - which has the potential to make as much or more than I was at the call center.
The hours are pretty flexible, so I think I can get the time I need for Jae's speech therapy. Thursday evenings are the classes, and Friday mornings are the sessions. I'll ask about it, but I don't see an issue with it - so long as I get my 8 hours in and do my job.
On Friday when I went in, I did some tutorials for the software they use. On the newer software, it was pretty helpful, but there wasn't really much on the older software other than a pamphlet with some commands. I only worked about 4 hours, because the lady I'm working with left about 3 pm. I was done with the tutorials about 2:30 pm so she said I could go.
I was supposed to be in at 10 am this morning. I was there early, even with stopping for coffee at a coffee shop. Its nice to have the time in the morning to do things after getting the kids off to school. I might start going in a little earlier - maybe 9 am or so. If I'm off at 5 or even 5:30, I can go get the kids from daycare. I was going to today, but mom was already there :)
It took me 20 minutes to get home today - traffic and all. Merging onto the Ballard bridge is a bitch from Magnolia side, but compared to what I was doing before, it was a dream! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!!!

I think that I'm going to really like this new job, and I deserve it.
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