May 9th, 2007

devil girl

I'm really liking life...

This new job is going great so far. I started transcribing/editing today. Most of it is already formatted and saved to disk - so, really, I haven't had a lot of actual transcribing to do. For my first day, this is really okay ;) There are still some places where whole sentances are missing - or the steno is still showing. Other places there's a choice of words that need to be made (conflicts - the new Catalyst program allows you to make choices). Its much easier to select 1 or 2 or another corresponding number to the place of the word :D
I haven't tried editing in the older program - Premier Power yet. I did some proofreading on that though - and it seems harder to format, even for the tiny bit I had to do with proofreading. With the editing, there's more formatting of documents to do - even though on this particular case, most of it seems to be done.
I'm still feeling like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs though. I almost feel guilty every time I get up to get myself water or use the restroom. I have no system to log out of - and no need to inform anyone of what I'm doing or where I'm going. I even went out to move my car today - and no one questioned it.
I panicked this morning when I was running later than I wanted and didn't get to the office until almost 10 AM. My boss was in the office I share with the other lady there, and all I got were smiles and "good morning" from them! I had to remind myself several times that I don't really have a set schedule. The hours are flexible. I'm so used to having a "set in stone" type schedule and being in trouble if I'm late. I have to admit - I worry a little about getting fired because I'm messing it up or something. Paranoid, I know...
Tonight, I was the last one out of the office - well, the building, really. That was odd too - not used to that :) I turned out all the lights, after making sure there was no one else there and took the elevator down two floors (its a 3 story building..okay, okay! I'm a lazy biotch), and discovered that all the lights were off there, too. I'm assuming 2nd floor left, but I could be wrong. I know that 2nd floor is a call center - but I'm not sure what for. Anyway, its a strange feeling that there's no supervisor closing up shop behind me.
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devil girl

One more thing...

I crunched the numbers when I was done today - I averaged about 6 pages per hour. Not a lot - but not bad for my first time, either! :D
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