May 29th, 2007

devil girl

My morning

I went to a transitional meeting today for Jae. It went well, but they aren't sure that Jae needs their assistance. She's doing fine in social development, fine motor skills and is borderline on gross motor skills. NW Center will be doing an evaluation in the next month or so to see where she's at. Today was only a verbal meeting, so they just gathered some information.
Once the reports are given to the public school district, they'll make their assessment from there. We should know by July if she's eligible for a program or not. Right off they said she *might* qualify for speech therapy - going in once a week. Possibly some therapy for motor planning, which is a gross motor skill, apparently.
Mom had to drive me to work today. My car was parked in the driveway last night, and when I backed it out, I hit the ramp. Well, that did a number on my tire - tore a rather nasty little hole in it. Triple A came out to put the spare tire on, but its a small tire. Hopefully I'll get my paycheck from my last job today (finally) so that I can pay for a new tire. ARGH!!
More later!
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The user pic says it all....

Today's mail has come and gone. No check from WDS. GRRRRRR

When I called last week, she said that it had been mailed on the 17th. It should have been here before now. Before the holiday even. I need that money so that I can drive again.

Stupid company. Stupid mail. GRRRRRR
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I don't understand

why it seems so difficult for WDS to keep things straight?? I just heard back from payroll, and she discovered that contrary to what she'd told me last week - they've had my paycheck. It was given to my previous supervisor instead of being mailed. (insert lots of whimpering and headbanging to make my brain stop hurting here)
Now, why they don't have some sort of spreadsheet to - oh, I don't know - actually keep track of things like mailing dates, I don't know. Doesn't seem it would be hard. Of course, doesn't seem it would be hard to check with the front desk and the supervisor to make sure it got mailed before giving that information, either. But, hey, I guess that's just me.

PS - it's in the mail today. According to the payroll lady anyway. (fume, huffhuffgrowlsnarlhisshuffhuff)

Stupid company.
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